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I was so delighted to find such an accessible, engaging,

and intimate literary event in Baltimore!" - Fani A.



About Us

MoonLit was founded by Kristen Zory King, a writer and artist facilitator based in Washington, DC. Through accessible and engaging literary programs in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, MoonLit brings together creative people of all backgrounds. 

MoonLit runs programming through two primary seasons each year: Fall (September-December) and Spring (March-June). During this time, our programming includes:

  • Creativity and Writing-Centric Workshops; 

  • Literary Events, including artistic salons, readings, creative retreats, and literary pop-ups; 

  • Monthly Write-Ins;

  • Seasonal Poetry Hikes; 

  • A Yearly "Lit Crawl," with Barrelhouse Magazine; 

  • Partnerships with local bookstores and organizations; 

  • And More!  


Scholarships are available regardless of need or merit for all workshops, along with alternate payment methods/plans. For more information, please contact Kris through the contact form (or by emailing We have also been known to "pop-up" for limited series, events, and workshops during our off-seasons in January, February, July, and August. For the most up-to-date information on workshops and events, please visit our facebook or instagram.

To learn on MoonLit's origins and mission, check out these great articles and interviews:


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