I was so delighted to find such an accessible, engaging,

and intimate literary event in Baltimore!" - Fani A.



About Us

MoonLit was founded by Kristen Zory King, a writer and artist facilitator based in Washington, DC. Through low-cost, accessible and engaging literary programs in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, MoonLit brings together creative people of all backgrounds. 

MoonLit runs programming through two primary seasons each year: Fall (September-December) and Spring (March-June). During this time, our programming includes:

  • Creativity and Writing-Centric Workshops; 

  • Literary Events, including artistic salons, readings, creative retreats, and literary pop-ups; 

  • Monthly Write-Ins;

  • Seasonal Poetry Hikes; 

  • A Yearly "Lit Crawl," with Barrelhouse Magazine; 

  • Partnerships with local bookstores and organizations; 

  • And More!  


Scholarships are available regardless of need or merit for all workshops, along with alternate payment methods/plans. For more information, please contact Kris through the contact form (or by emailing MoonLit.Kris@gmail.com). We have also been known to "pop-up" for limited series, events, and workshops during our off-seasons in January, February, July, and August. For the most up-to-date information on workshops and events, please visit our facebook or instagram.

To learn on MoonLit's "origin story" and mission, check out these great articles and interviews: 

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